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| 2014 Award | TOURISM AWARD The Department of Tourism has awarded Thailand Great tours the 2014 award for best tour products, service and Organizational management in tourism.

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Tourism Business Standard (GOOD)

Standards and an organizational management. 
1. A policy and plan of implementation. 
2. The Company's regulations. 
3. The executive leadership. And management. Based on the principle of transparency. 
4. Has the talent to business tourism. And knowledge of laws related to tourism. 
5. Facilities. And office equipment are adequate for operations. 
6. Provide data and information in Tourism. 
7. Promoting staff stability. And progress in work. 
8. Licensee established tour operations with no other business, covert 
Standard 2: The business guide 
1. There are interesting excursions. 
2. The promotion. 
3. To be coordinated with relevant agencies both before and during the organized tours. 
4. Has organized what R. convenience to tourists. 
5. Has managed to tour on the safety of tourists. 
6. Has managed tours that do not impact on the environment. Thai traditions. 
7. A tour to promote local economic management. 
Standard 3: Ethics in the Professions. 
1. A business management based on the main tour. Norms of the society. 
2. The treatment of travelers with a sense of portraying the role. And responsibilities based on ethical principles strictly. 


Eco Lodge Award 2011-2015

Hill Tribe Lodge, Chiang Mai Accommodation, Chiang Mai Best Hotels, Hill Tribe Chiang Mai Travelers to Thailand seeking an authentic cultural experience need not look any further than the Karen Hill Tribe Lodge. Deep in the heart of the mountains northwest of Chiang Mai, in what is known as the Wat Chan area, is an eco-paradise that is home to a village of eleven Karen tribe families. Visitors to this pristine Eden have the opportunity to participate in a variety of exciting and interesting activities, including trekking in the picturesque countryside, taking an elephant ride through the verdant jungle, and learning about the unique lifestyle of the villagers.

The local people are warm and hospitable, and they welcome the chance to share their traditions with guests. Visitors can observe the villagers' daily chores such as rice pounding and weaving, and if they wish, they can try their hand at these activities. They're all performed in the labor-intensive, traditional way without the use of machinery.
In the process of learning these techniques, you'll acquire an understanding and appreciation of this hill tribe's way of life and you'll also discover muscles you've never used before! Pounding rice via a wooden foot pedal is a great workout! And weaving via the back strap method, an age-old technique that the women of this culture have practiced for centuries, is much more complex than it appears. After having a turn at the loom, you'll feel enormous admiration for the women's skills and you'll view the colorful clothing and bags they create as works of art.
Your base during this cultural foray is a 10-room, open-air bamboo house that sits on stilts in the middle of the village. Surrounded by a valley of rice fields and forests of banana, palm and sugarcane trees, it's a peaceful retreat with all the necessary comforts, including your own private room, hot water and delicious Thai-style meals, prepared on site by the local women.
You'll wake up to the sounds of roosters crowing, birds chirping and cowbells as they blow in the breeze. You might also hear the neighboring gibbons call out their greetings in the nearby woods. Remember, you're on easy time here. There's no need to rush. And if you truly want to relax, opt for a traditional Thai massage given by one of the Karen women. Strong hands will work at those tension knots and reinvigorate, not only your body, but your spirit.
At night, delight in a performance of the proud young hill tribe children, as they sing and play traditional music instruments around a cozy bonfire underneath a star-studded sky. It's a stirring end to a magical, mystical experience.


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Hong Island by speedboat (only Tue, Thu, Sat)
Full Day 7 hours
Price 1,700 1,500 Baht
Doi Inthanon National Park
8 Hours Full Day
Price 1,300 Baht
Experience Trekking Mae Wang Sanpathong Area
8 Hours Full Day
Price 800 Baht
River Kwai Tour
9 Hours Full Day
Price 1,500 Baht
Raya Island by Speedboat
9 Hours Full Day
Price 2,000 Baht
Phi Phi Islands Tour by Cruise
10 Hours Full Day
Price 2,200 Baht
Whitewater Rafting & Elephant Trekking
8 Hours Full Day
Price 3,000 Baht