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| 2014 Award | TOURISM AWARD The Department of Tourism has awarded Thailand Great tours the 2014 award for best tour products, service and Organizational management in tourism.

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Looking for a Bangkok Holiday tour which takes you further than the average trip? Look no further. Thailand Great Tours will take you from the Grand Palace, into a long tail boat to see the floating markets, past the world’s largest golden Buddha and into the city’s red hot nightlife. Night markets, bars or world-class cuisine: what you do when the sun goes down is up to you. A vast selection of carefully selected packages is available here, for you to explore vibrant Bangkok, the gateway to Asia.

And to venture away from the frenetic city, we have great packages that head for the World Heritage sites of Sukhothai, Ayutthaya and Ancient Khmer, once domains of powerful Kings.

Duration 3-4 Hours
Start Out 2,900 Baht

Duration 06.00am-11.00pm
Start Out 1,600 Baht

Duration 06.00am-11.00pm
Start Out 1,400 Baht

Duration 3-4 Hours Half Day
Start Out 2,000 Baht

Duration 4-5 Hours ( JOIN TOUR MORNING ONLY )
Start Out 2,550 Baht

Duration 4 Hours
Start Out 3,100 Baht

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Things to do in Bangkok
Bangkok Special Deal
River Kwai Tour
9 Hours Full Day
Price 1,500 Baht